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PHOTO: MRIMembers of the Motivation Research Institute gather for a meeting on February 10th, 2012. From left to right: Jessica Flake, Erin Goodier, Rory Lazowski, Chris Hulleman, Donna Sundre, Kenn Barron, Makayla Grays, Jeff Kosovich, Ashley Charsha, and Matthew Swain.

Welcome to MRI

Since 2005, the Motivation Research Institute (MRI) has been bringing together a community of faculty and students to conduct research on motivation-related topics. Recently, we have begun engaging in outreach and public service activities to help practitioners apply motivation theories and principles to real-world contexts.

Upcoming Events & Announcements

MRI students showcase the use of multiple methodological approaches to study motivation in a special symposium at NERA’s 2012 conference along with session discussant Donna Sundre. Read More

MRI and the Harrisonburg City Public Schools embark on a new partnership to offer professional development to teachers and staff. Learn more from the Oct. 2012 issue of The Insider: Highlighting Excellence in Harrisonburg City Public Schools (page 4).

Kenn Barron and Chris Hulleman receive a $798, 805 NSF grant for a research project entitled, "Validating a Rapid Measure of Student Motivation: Using the Expectancy-Value Theory of Motivation to Understand Student Achievement and Interest in STEM Classrooms."  Along with their collaborators Steve Getty and Joseph Taylor at BSCS in Colorado Springs, Co, they will be developing and validating a rapid measure of student motivation that can be used to understand and measure the impact of interventions on student achievement and interest in STEM classes at multiple academic levels (middle school through college).  The project will run from November 2012 through November 2015.

MRI sponsors a larger group meeting two times each month, anyone interested in finding out more information on the topic or location of each meeting should simply contact Kenn Barron at barronke@jmu.edu or Chris Hulleman at hullemcs@jmu.edu.